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Gemini Horoscope Monday November 23, 2020

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope You may receive some spiritual guidance today that leads you to a new hobby or even a new career. Still, the decision to pick up this new interest is yours and yours alone. Don’t let others try to sway you without consulting with yourself first. And, though you’re feeling generous with your time, make sure you’re not scattering your energy, because it can be easy to try and multitask to the point of exhausting yourself today. Listen to your body and your intuition and you’ll be on the right path. It looks like one of your more casual friendships is moving to a much deeper level. This is wonderful, but some of your older friends might be getting a bit jealous that this newer person is taking up so much of your time. This is a tough time for juggling people, and it could be stirring up some resentment. You can ease the issue by helping your friends see exactly what you see in this person. They’ll get on board!

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Life in abundance comes only through great love. Elbert Hubbard