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Cancer Horoscope Friday October 30, 2020

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope You have the energy to pursue one of your biggest goals now that your career zone is highlighted. You’ve been prepping for a while now, and today is a great day to push the “go” button! Take an unconventional route to your networking strategies; be bold and send a direct message to an influencer that inspires you or invite someone you’d like as a mentor to lunch. Don’t let the restlessness you are feeling fester and turn into anxiety. You are ready to take action! Keep things low-key now, especially in terms of the money you spend. You might think that flashing a lot of dough around will get you noticed, and you’re right. Trouble is it won’t get you noticed in a very good way. If people think you have lots of money to toss around, they might try to figure out a way to get some of it. Or they might think you’re a shallow show-off. Besides, moving toward a simpler life might be a good idea. The less stuff you have, the less stress you have.

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