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Cancer Horoscope Thursday October 29, 2020

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope While your professional life may be positively lighting up and your mind is active with ideas, your attention is called back to your domestic world today. Your mind is on fire right now, so don’t stop the brainstorming sessions! But how about hosting a second one around your own kitchen table and letting your family join in? They are the ones who know you best and, chances are, they’ll love being included in the exciting professional developments you have going on. Things have been pretty heavy with you and someone else, although not unpleasantly so. But now you need to balance out that energy. Stick to lighter topics and trivial matters. Instead of having a heart-to-heart talk for hours, why not just go for a nice walk? Not every exchange has to be profound to be important. Show this person that you are multifaceted and capable of being goofy as well as intellectual. They’re curious about every part of you.

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Worry less, smile more.

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