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Pisces Horoscope Wednesday October 28, 2020

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope You may feel a bit like closing the door and drawing the shades today… Though you're not necessarily feeling sad, you do have a lot of thoughts bubbling to the surface that you need time to process. Take all the time you need. A deep dive into your subconscious, though tough at times, will always realign you with your innermost desires. It’s possible that you may even receive the answers you seek in a dream, so tune in! You have friends in high places who are just itching to reach down and give you a hand up the ladder, whether it be corporate connections, a great stock tip, or just some “been there, done that” advice that could really put you over the hump. So, the million dollar question is, how come you’re not letting them help you? This pride thing has gotten out of hand. It’s one thing to not want to appear needy in front of people you admire, but it’s quite another to sacrifice your progress for your ego.

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Being a minimalist means you value yourself more than material things.