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Aries Horoscope Sunday October 25, 2020

Aries Horoscope

Aries Horoscope Plug into today's spontaneous energy by finding new ways to connect with your friendship network. Reach out to different people at work or in your social groups and see what kind of vibe it produces. Technology is supported now, so you could hit on some innovative approaches by trying out a new app or signing up for a video chat feature. No need to spend a ton of money though — try the free trial before pulling out your wallet and purchasing! Your emotions could be in a very fluid phase, and it will be difficult for anyone to predict how you’re going to react to some surprising news, including you! Just go with the flow and don’t put any pressure on yourself to feel anything: calm, terrified, worried, happy. Just let the news soak in for a while. It might take days for you to fully understand how this makes you feel, so you can’t expect to have instant clarity about it.

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Give this moment your attention and affection. Alex Blackwell

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