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Aquarius Horoscope Monday October 19, 2020

Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope You might be feeling down or a little frustrated today, but don’t try to distract yourself with mundane tasks. Instead, lean into your emotions and get in touch with why you feel the way you do. Write in your journal, go for a walk, or reach out to a friend that will listen and help you sort through your feelings. While things may not feel that great right now, structured Saturn's influence can help you work out your problems and get to the root of the issue. You’ve been much more grounded lately than you have been in a long while, and today you should try to figure out why. What has changed in the past few weeks in your life? Has someone exciting entered it, has someone unpleasant left it? Have you learned something new about how to make yourself happy? Take some time to think things through, because unless you consciously try to understand what forces could be working in your life, you’ll never know how to maintain them.

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