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Cancer Horoscope Friday October 9, 2020

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope You give most of your time and energy to making sure your loved ones are happy and healthy, so it can be easy to lose sight of your own goals, values, and ideas. Today, your thoughts are centered around your sense of self. Who are you? Are you happy with the person you are, or are there some changes you would like to make? Spend some time contemplating the questions coming up for you and jotting down your thoughts in a journal. You’re a maestro at orchestrating swinging social situations, and this ability comes into play in some very particular ways right now. Whether it’s planning some kind of celebratory event or an intimate meal for two, you’re able to combine the elements in such a way that it delights and astonishs everyone. Don’t be afraid to call on others for some help in making sure your plans come to fruition.

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Good things take time.