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Pisces Horoscope Friday September 25, 2020

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope An enigmatic personality may have a strong grip on your mind today, or you may find that, as you reflect upon complex problems, your thought processes are informed by deeply rooted emotions. You are able to grasp subtle truths about yourself now and may feel a strong need to do so. You could be very effective at negotiating on your own behalf today, as long as you are in touch with a healthy sense of self-confidence rather than a compulsive need to prove your own worthiness. There are many different paths for you to follow, but don’t waste your time trying to figure out which one to take. You can’t pick a path today. It will pick you! And don’t be disappointed if the stars say that you need to continue on the path you’re already on. Just because it’s familiar to you doesn’t mean that it won’t offer you a lot of opportunity for growth. Give things a chance. Sometimes the same old, same old can offer wonderful new surprises!

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Time discovers truth. Seneca