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Taurus Horoscope Sunday September 20, 2020

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope If you feel somewhat down on yourself today, look for ways in which your worldview may have grown rigid, static, or outworn. Human beings are funny in that we struggle and strive to get it all figured out, but when we finally feel like we have done so, life becomes boring, stifling, and irritating. Look for new ways to reanimate your work projects and expand your horizons, for if you cling too much to routine out of a need for security, resentment may fester on unconscious levels. If drama erupts on the scene today, avoid it at all costs. Just keep your head down, mind your own business, and resist the urge to go find out what the fuss is about. Getting caught up in a power struggle right now is not going to be a good move. Even if you try to stay objective, it simply won’t be possible. It’s much better to stick to your own work and keep your eyes on your own paper. If someone asks you to get involved, you should tell them no and accept the consequences.

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop