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Leo Horoscope Tuesday September 15, 2020

Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Today you may feel like you are jumping out of your skin, as recent radical changes in your professional life or challenges to your reputation leave you feeling on-edge in a rather public way. You may find your attention constantly flitting about from one person in your immediate environment to the next, as you are especially sensitive to the moods of those around you. Be aware of an excessive need for validation, for the high energy of the day may make you a bit emotionally demanding. You have a great deal of patience today, which will help you tolerate some pretty controversial people no one else can stand. You can help people see each other’s point of view more clearly and come to better decisions more quickly. You could be put in charge of a lot of work today, but the additional responsibility could open the door to major opportunities, so try to see the good before you react to the bad.

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The key to happiness is doing something you like every single day. Victor Pride