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Gemini Horoscope Monday September 14, 2020

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope You may feel like your ambitions and plans are constricted by finances or other forms of security. There is tension today between your ability to attain the ideal future for yourself and your instinct to play it safe. Neither impulse is wrong, and both need to be integrated into a new, creative solution. Thankfully, you should feel a gradual release in tension over the course of the morning as practical concerns give way to creative self-expression. Balance the energies around you today. You can be the peanut butter to someone’s jelly, the yin to their yang. It’s important to say what you feel, especially if what you feel is different from what they feel. Conflict can be very constructive sometimes. And when someone you are working with starts making the wrong moves, point out how they could do things differently. Show this person that you are capable of being goofy as well as intellectual.

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Think like a proton, always positive.