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Taurus Horoscope Wednesday September 9, 2020

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope You are coming off as especially reserved and cautious today, which is a good thing, because it means you are communicating your needs clearly. Friends and family are used to having you remind them to look before they leap and make sure to cross their t’s and dot their i’s, because having a secure foundation has always been of paramount importance to you. Today you will find yourself instinctually reacting from this place of vigilance, and others will be able to appreciate exactly where you’re coming from. If your group of friends or co-workers just isn’t making any progress right now, it’s a good time for you to step in. Throw your weight around! You have facts and logic on your side, and you will be able to get people focused on working together instead of trying to outdo each other. You can turn things around and get great results because you know that if you appeal to the best in people, they will show you the best that they have to offer.

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When the disciple is ready, the master appears. Osho