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Gemini Horoscope Saturday September 5, 2020

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope Beware the temptation to spend erratically right now, for you may not be thinking straight during these turbulent times. Emotions are running high, especially in the arenas of activism and the collective of society, and arguments with friends or associates could wind up wounding your sense of security or self-esteem. As a result, it will be all too easy to slip into a pattern of self-soothing by overspending. Instead, set up structures that allow you to self-indulge responsibly. You'll thank yourself later. Your gift for gab is legendary. Conversations about anything from the weather to your deepest hopes and dreams are going to keep you interested, intrigued, and popular. This is a great day to talk to anyone you can, and don’t just limit yourself to the folks you talk to all the time. In person, video chat, smoke signals, however you have to do it, find out about people and let them find out about you.

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Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. Anne Frank