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Taurus Horoscope Friday August 14, 2020

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope Someone could pressure you into keeping a terrible secret today. Don’t get drawn into this intrigue, even if it means breaking off a friendship or losing favor with a colleague. You can’t go against your conscience for the sake of a single relationship. Although you may not realize it, your loved ones respect you tremendously. By sticking to your principles, you’ll set a great example for a young family member who may be struggling with a moral issue. Continue to live your truth, even when it makes you feel lonely. The universe will reward you for your courage. Some great news could be coming your way today, but you need to play it cool! Don’t rush ahead and do anything too hastily. Let the news settle in and give everyone a chance to get used to the changes that are coming. Being too eager will put you at a disadvantage. Follow the lead of other people. Keep them guessing and you’ll keep yourself in a very advantageous position. Your patience will pay off in a major way.

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Do less. Be more. Neil Strauss