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Libra Horoscope Wednesday August 5, 2020

Libra Horoscope

Libra Horoscope Don’t let anyone else tell you what to feel. Today’s tense square between aggressive Mars and opinionated Jupiter could trigger an argument with your best friend, romantic partner, or business associate. Because you’re such a gracious person, people sometimes think they can steamroll over you, but this is a big mistake. Imbalances of power make you furious and you won’t tolerate them in close relationships. If someone isn’t being respectful of your emotions, keep your distance and devote the day to creative pursuits. This will allow you to express your true feelings and bring relief to your heart. Ugly emotions are burbling up inside you today, and it doesn’t matter why. You’re feeling out of sorts, and you need to deal with these feelings by sharing them. Be more expressive about your emotions than you typically are. For example, if you’re upset with someone, don’t suppress it. Don’t underestimate other people by assuming they’ll react negatively. They have a lot more empathy than you think, and they’re ready to listen. Be vulnerable and tell them how you feel.

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