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Virgo Horoscope Sunday August 2, 2020

Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope You’re warmhearted and expressive today, drawing admiring glances wherever you go. This is a wonderful time to showcase your creative work or promote your agenda. Someone who's impressed by your ideas may offer to serve as your benefactor. Accept this generous offer immediately; it could take you to a whole new level of success. However, don’t be discouraged if friends aren’t as enthusiastic about your plans. They may just be afraid they will get left behind if you make it big. Remind them of their special place in your life. One or two minor setbacks could pop up today, but they shouldn’t slow you down for too long. In fact, by requiring you to slow your pace and take a break, they’ll probably be doing you a favor! Someone has been trying to get your attention for quite a while, but it seems like you’ve been a bit too busy to notice them there on the sidelines, waving their arms in the air. Be open to new conversations and you’ll brighten someone’s day!

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The only way you can endure your pain is to let it be painful. Shunryu Suzuki