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Cancer Horoscope Sunday August 2, 2020

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope The prospect of letting down your guard in front of someone you respect may bring you great anxiety while Mercury in your 1st House of Image opposes forbidding Pluto. You may be afraid of saying something foolish or appearing naive. Instead of censoring yourself, lay your cards on the table. This person may be so touched by your honesty that they’ll reveal some vulnerabilities of their own. At that point, you will be equals and can join together with great success. Just don’t let this union cause you to neglect pressing career concerns; remain balanced. Be wary of seamless perfection today. It’s when things aren’t going smoothly that your brain gets the most out of a situation. You benefit from conflict and challenges more than you benefit from peace and tranquillity right now, so enjoy any turmoil. Step up to naysayers and get to the bottom of their issues. You’ll love debating new ideas and figuring out why people who seem so smart don’t agree with everything you say!

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Fight till the last gasp. William Shakespeare