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Leo Horoscope Thursday July 30, 2020

Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Expressing your creative side will bring out the best in you. Draw on your artistic gifts today. It doesn’t matter if you sing, play a musical instrument, paint landscapes, or design clothes, delving deep into your favorite medium will fill your mind and spirit with joy. It’s entirely possible someone who appreciates your work will invite you to sell, perform, or publish it. Seize every opportunity to showcase your ability. The more people know about your work, the more easily you may profit from it; get your name out there. Be very careful with your impulses today. It’s not that you want to ignore what your gut is telling you to do, but take special care not to act too quickly right now. You should still listen to what your instincts tell you, but also feel empowered enough to follow their instructions on your own timetable. Things have not completely gelled just yet, and moving too quickly could cause some carefully perched ideas to fall off the shelf and break.

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Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. Oscar Wilde