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Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday July 28, 2020

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope Expressing yourself creatively will help to renew your zest for life. Set aside work today for a project that fills you with happiness. Whether you’re writing, composing, or designing, you can create some wonderful work that attracts favorable publicity. Word of your talent could even catch and spread like wildfire, resulting in some big commissions. Earning money by making art will be a dream come true. Don’t push yourself past the brink of exhaustion, though. When your energy starts to wane, take a nap or soak in a bath. A restful break will restore your imagination. Ideas are flowing out of you right now, but it’s going to take concentrated effort on your part to shape them into something practical. Your new thoughts are lumps of clay, full of potential but in need of a strong vision to transform that potential into reality. Look for that strong vision in the experiences you have today. There is inspiration in everyday life. Look around, soak up the energy, and create!

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