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Sagittarius Horoscope Sunday July 26, 2020

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope You may be itching to rebel today. While others are pushing everyone to form a united front, you have no intention of jumping on any bandwagon. Instead, you might pour your energy into realizing a cherished dream that you’ve had since childhood. Though your nearest and dearest may be perplexed by your priorities, you don’t need to be understood to feel good. If anyone tries to throw you off balance, just stay calm and focus on your purpose. Only you know what it takes to make you feel satisfied. You have so much potential that isn’t being tapped right now. You need a kick of confidence to get things moving! If you want to create really big changes in your life, sometimes you have to start making smaller ones to give the universe an idea of what you’re after. Make some tiny alterations. Take a different route, wear something out of character, or whatever it might be. Shake up your day and see what happens!

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Work hard. Stay humble.