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Pisces Horoscope Tuesday July 21, 2020

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Pisces Horoscope Taking care of obligations to others recently has kept you from doing the things you really want. You can only go so long without self-care; give yourself permission to do something wonderfully decadent today, even if it makes you feel a little selfish. You are always concerned for the welfare of other people. Now, let someone else take care of work tasks or chores around the house while you simply relax and recharge. After taking this much-needed break from social responsibility, you’ll be back to your cooperative self. If you’re thrilled with a new relationship, today is a good day to put more effort into encouraging its growth. And while e-mails or DMs are convenient, they aren’t the best way to stay connected. Nothing can replace the sound of your voice and the look on your face. If you can, get together in person to create a better environment for encouraging clear communication. Show them that they’re important to you by giving them the most valuable thing you have: time.

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Avoiding failure is to avoid progress.