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Pisces Horoscope Saturday July 18, 2020

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope You're in luck if you're trying to buy, sell, or lease property today; a successful transaction is possible. If you’re not happy with the initial terms that are offered, make a counterproposal. A seemingly tough negotiator may be willing to meet you in the middle. While most people see you as easygoing, when you are emotionally invested in a situation, you’ll fight tooth and nail for what you want. This is one of those times. Don't trade in your sincere desires for a quick solution — stand your ground. Your vision for your future is clouded by wishful thinking and overly high hopes. It’s good to be positive about where you want to take your life, but right now you might only be hearing what you want to hear, and that isn’t the best road to go down. Reach out for a reality check from a good friend or family member. They have an objective perspective and can help you wake up to what is realistic. They won’t be raining on your parade. They’ll just be clearing your vision.

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Life isnt about getting and having, its about giving and being. Kevin Kruse