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Gemini Horoscope Thursday July 16, 2020

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope Change the script of your financial story today. If you are currently struggling, relax just a moment. Imagine yourself being born into abundance, using this wealth to further your goals and sharing its fruits with the world. Keep returning to this narrative whenever you feel anxious today. The intentions you put out to the world hold power. Soon, a variety of work opportunities may become available, allowing you to pick and choose the best option to build long-term financial security. Consider taking on a commissions-based role; it could be very profitable. You can’t show that you have any doubt in what you’re doing today even if you do! Having conviction in every decision you make is vital right now, because too many people are looking to you for the confidence that they themselves lack. To show doubt is to start a domino effect that would only create more issues. Changing your mind over and over again is a bad idea, and it could really negatively affect your reputation. Stick to your plan and don’t waver.

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