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Aquarius Horoscope Tuesday July 14, 2020

Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope You pick things up quickly, so you might be surprised today when learning a new skill is harder than you expect. Don't get down on yourself for not mastering this technique overnight. Ignore your inner critic and adopt a more nurturing attitude. Talk to yourself in the same way a considerate, respected teacher or mentor spoke to you in the past. Instead of feeling self-conscious, you could start to get excited about spending more time perfecting your craft. You'll be so proud when you finally reach the goal you desire. Slow and steady wins this race. As happy as you are to be going where you are going right now, not everyone is right there on the same page with you. While you must be aware of it and make adjustments accordingly, you don’t have to completely change your path. That will only cause resentment. Just tone things down a bit. Spend and act more modestly, and don’t be too outgoing with your energy. You could end up overwhelming those folks who still need some time to catch up with you.

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You have to die a few times before you can really live. Charles Bukowski