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Libra Horoscope Saturday July 11, 2020

Libra Horoscope

Libra Horoscope While your restraint is admirable, a strict diet or exercise regimen might be undermining your enjoyment of life. Think about ways you can reward yourself for staying on the straight and narrow. A new outfit, cologne, or accessory might be just what the doctor ordered. A pleasure-oriented person like you isn’t meant to lead a life of lack. When you feel abundant in areas that give you joy, it should be easy to maintain your healthy routine. It helps if you’re seeing good results from this program. Recognize how far you've come and keep it up. Trust the people who are in power right now even if you don’t know them very well (or know them too well). They know more about what is going on that you do and are capable of steering things in the right direction. Questioning authority is usually a smart thing to do, but right now it will only be a waste of time. Doubting someone based on your suspicions is not the same as doubting someone based on their past actions. Give them a chance. They could impress you.

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If love appears, boundaries will disappear. Osho