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Cancer Horoscope Thursday July 9, 2020

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope No matter how hard you work today, it may not be enough for a supervisor or executive. Self-conscious Mercury in your sign is squaring confrontational Mars, and it could feel like your boss is picking on you. If you're accused of something in an angry way, don't let your emotions cloud your response. Breathe deep, look this person in the eye, and tell them that your record speaks for itself. When they see that you aren’t intimidated by their remarks, they'll back down and this situation can fall by the wayside. Onlookers will admire your courage. Your unselfish nature has gotten you further in life than you might realize. While all the attention-grabbing go-getters make headlines with their successes, your quiet determination and honest efforts haven’t earned you as much of the spotlight, but they may have earned you more respect. Being resentful of the acclaim that someone else is getting isn’t going to help you at all. Stay focused on what really matters and be content with having substance over style.

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Simplicity is the soul of efficiency. Austin Freeman