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Leo Horoscope Wednesday June 24, 2020

Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Be honest about how much you are willing to give for the sake of a close relationship. You’ve always been generous, but when it comes to changing your ways to include another person, that's where you may draw the line. If you want to be in a partnership but prefer maintaining separate bank accounts, speak up. Or, if you are already sharing finances and your loved one's spending habits are causing you stress, it may be time to lay some ground rules for how this money should be used. The sooner it's addressed, the better. You should accept any and all invitations today. Don’t give your more introverted side time to think up excuses for why you should say no. It’s essential for you to be as social as you can right now, even if you don’t feel like it. Forcing yourself to interact with other people will build your confidence and help you get over any bad mood that’s overtaken you. Things are looking up, so you have to look up to see them!

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The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Sylvia Plath