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Taurus Horoscope Tuesday June 9, 2020

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope After fearing you couldn’t occupy a position of authority, you may get a chance to share your expertise with others. Teaching, lecturing, or writing will bring you tremendous satisfaction today. People appreciate your calm demeanor. When concepts elude them, you’re happy to stop what you’re doing and break things down into simple steps. As your popularity grows, you could be invited to take the helm of a creative group. It will be your job to support and encourage a team of visionaries. Their positive energy will be infectious. Someone in your social circle or on your team at work thinks that they deserve something you have, but they’re failing to remember how much work and effort you put into earning it. If all their grumbling and whining is starting to get on your nerves, today might be the day to take them to task. Their jealousy is something you have to take seriously. Unless you address it head-on, it will only grow and become a bigger and bigger obstacle between the two of you.

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