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Scorpio Horoscope Monday May 25, 2020

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope Looking at life through rose-colored glasses could be cause for disappointment now. It’s better to face the truth of a strained relationship. If you’ve grown distant from someone in your life, own up to it. Problems that are brushed under the carpet may only resurface. Connect with this person and have a heart-to-heart discussion about your frustrations. You may be surprised to learn they have similar concerns. This may prompt you to let down your defenses and remember each other’s strong points. A little honesty can go a long way. More than ever, your physical health directly affects your emotional health. Make sure you eat well and get enough exercise to help you stay happy and fully energized. Make sure you start this day with a good breakfast—not a donut! Too much sugar too early in the day will guarantee that you’ll run out of gas before lunchtime. Balance your food intake like you balance your life. Variety is more important than ever.

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