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Gemini Horoscope Tuesday May 19, 2020

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini HoroscopeIt has been fairly easy for you to detect the truth behind most situations lately. Today, however, your analytical abilities won’t be so reliable. The ups and downs of your relationships are puzzling, and no amount of analysis seems to yield a solution. Lack of commitment from others may stir doubt, and you’ll wonder if you’re truly appreciated and understood. Be gentle with yourself. These are hard times for everyone.The moon continues through Aries today and sextiles Mercury, the planet of communication, in Gemini, bringing information, passionate conversations, and choices. Say it all or don’t say anything. Right now, there’s no point in sharing your deep thoughts unless you share every single one of them, so don’t hold back! It’s not about oversharing or wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s about being honest and trusting other people to hear you without judging you. When you tell it like it is, people are impressed and want to listen even more. And it’s the right time to make a good impression.

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All happiness depends on courage and work. Honore de Balzac