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Leo Horoscope Sunday May 17, 2020

Leo Horoscope

Leo HoroscopeYour current plan of attack may run into some snags today, Leo. This might be caused by an emotional need that you didn’t recognize or ignored earlier. The problem is that your head may say one thing while your gut tells you something else. Consider putting everything on hold while you sort out this inner turmoil. There’s a great deal of compassion in the air.The moon continues to float through Pisces today and meets Neptune in Pisces this morning. A chance to join forces with someone very close, like a best friend or romantic partner, may arrive today. You’ll welcome an opportunity to share duties with a kind, compassionate person. Because you're so well connected, there may be lots of unspoken communication with this alliance. Instead of articulating your concerns, you sense each other's needs and wishes, which can save tremendous time and aggravation. Outsiders may shake their heads in disbelief at this union. Even if you and your partner seem like complete opposites, you can make magic together. Today could be a day to remember, full of romance, intrigue, secrets, and even one or two dramatic revelations! You’ll be in the thick of things right away, first thing in the morning, so make sure you eat a good breakfast and are prepared for some roller-coaster hours. You’re a featured player in this daytime drama, and whether or not you’re the hero of the story is completely up to you. If you want to stir up some trouble, go for it! You’re ready to deal with the fallout.

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