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Aries Horoscope Sunday May 17, 2020

Aries Horoscope

Aries HoroscopeIt may be difficult to express yourself fully today, Aries. Somehow the words aren’t coming out as clearly as you’d like. Powerful emotions are getting in the way. Even if you’re sheltering in your nice, clean home, you feel as if you’re struggling to find solid footing on such a muddy surface. Don’t limit yourself to one way of doing something. Patience is a key virtue now. Wait until things clear before you proceed.The moon continues to float through Pisces today and meets Neptune in Pisces this morning. Retreating from public view may be reassuring. Although you enjoy getting lots of attention, being in the spotlight can sometimes be exhausting. You’ll benefit from keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself today. Some of your loved ones may object to your reclusive behavior, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to be present. You have needs now that they may not understand. Once you have some space to think, you may start to consider ways to advance your career or public status. Instead of telling others your big plans, show them what you can do. Let your actions speak for you today. They are louder than any of your words could be, and they’ll make your point quickly and effectively. Plus, they’ll enable you to stay out of any arguments. Too much talking can lead to gossiping, which can lead to hurt feelings and confusion. Right now it’s better to do than to talk about doing, because things need to get done. Other people are waiting for you to finish so they can move forward, too.

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