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Cancer Horoscope Friday May 15, 2020

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer HoroscopeThe topic of the day is knowledge and learning, Cancer. Did you actually study in the field that excited you when you were younger? Do you feel ashamed about never attending such-and-such a school or program? If these issues are uppermost in your mind, remember that your creativity has little to do with the degrees you hold and everything to do with how you use your skills and knowledge to better the world.The Aquarius moon reaches the final quarter today as it squares the sun in Taurus this morning. While everyone else is clamoring to socialize, you might be happy to stay home and be quiet today. That's because the caring Moon forms an obliging trine to Venus in your 12th House of Solitude. Quiet activities like reading, writing, and prayer can soothe your soul. Don't feel compelled to answer the phone or respond to text messages. Being on your own could even make you more self-sufficient, which is good news as exaggerated Jupiter goes retrograde in your 7th House of Partnerships today. Satisfying your own needs can strengthen your close alliances. Your day could be full of wonderful thoughtfulness, so enjoy! Other people are showing you incredible generosity and kindness, which may feel like a nice switch from what has been going on lately. You deserve all the help you get from strangers. This is one of those days when you absolutely believe that people are inherently good.

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