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Pisces Horoscope Thursday May 14, 2020

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces HoroscopeYou have acquired some sound confidence in yourself, Pisces. Now it’s time to show everyone else by actually putting tis new self-assurance to use in your life. It’s as though you have symbolically just completed an in-depth acting class. Well, this is your cue?you’re on! Smile as you step onstage, remember your lines, and don’t forget to bow when everyone applauds. Because they will. You’ll knock ‘em dead!It’s a quiet day in the cosmos. Your charisma may be off the charts today so use it to promote your agenda. Interviewing for a job, raising money for a good cause, or showcasing your artwork are all good uses of your time. People feel like you transport them to a place that is beautiful, comfortable, and soothing, which is why you are so popular. Meanwhile, it could be time to abandon a belief that no longer serves you. You may have been dwelling on the past recently, looking through photos and keepsakes, but you’ve had your fill of memories and you're ready to embrace the power of the present moment. Fuzzy logic isn’t going to get you very far today. If you’re trying to get your way in any type of negotiation, don’t try to take a shortcut. It will only backfire on you. Like it or not, you have to back things up with research and proof. Sure, it might take a little bit of extra time to gather together the information you need to make your case, but in the end you’ll thank yourself for doing whatever it takes to ensure that you aren’t going to be embarrassed.

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