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Cancer Horoscope Wednesday May 13, 2020

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer HoroscopeA chance to earn a small amount of money, perhaps by doing a little extra work at home, could come your way today, Cancer. You could hear about it through a friend or colleague. A phone or online consultation might be necessary to provide the missing piece, but you’re happy to make the call. This promises to be a very exciting day, with enough stimulation to keep you occupied long into the night.It’s a red-letter day in the cosmos as Mars and Venus, the lovers of the cosmos, change sign or direction, suggesting significant changes in relationships and financial situations. It might be best to keep your thoughts to yourself while intellectual Mercury tours your 12th House of Hidden Matters. Keeping your own counsel will allow your imagination to flourish today. You must admit, it's much nicer developing an idea without the interference of others' pessimism. It's also possible you're contemplating a personal transformation lately; you're tired of going through the motions of life. Whether this change involves ending a bad habit, transitioning into another industry, or entering an intimate relationship, the key is to embark on a path that's unusual but exciting. You’re better than ever at simplifying complicated situations. That’s why today is a great day to perform complicated negotiations, sign legal documents, or dig into a challenging novel. Any other tasks that require your focused brain power are good, too. Don’t worry if a sudden barrage of information leaves you temporarily overwhelmed. Sort through things and you’ll uncover a real gem.

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