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Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday May 12, 2020

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio HoroscopeThe little rebel that you are makes it very difficult for you to join us in the great communal river that we’re all trying to navigate, Scorpio. You prefer to travel solo, following your private stream as you see fit. However, these are opportune days for joining up with others. As your community struggles with the direct or indirect effects of COVID-19, share your insights and inspirations with those who need them.Mercury, the planet of communication, enters its home sign of Gemini, where it remains until May 28, and the energy is shifting. Purging your home could be time-consuming but liberating. Structured Saturn goes retrograde in your 4th House of Domesticity today, urging you to clear out any clutter that's been taking up physical and mental space. It can be difficult for a sentimental person like you to relinquish keepsakes, so enlist the aid of an ultra-logical person who can be helpful in separating the wheat from the chaff. Just make sure not to discard any items that belong to a family member without consulting them first. This will help you avoid an unnecessary argument. This could be a mixed results day, meaning that while you’ll probably get a lot done, you might not be happy with the quality of what you create. Listen to your gut, and if you want to ask for a do-over, go ahead. The standards to which you hold yourself are getting higher and higher, and this is a very good thing. You’re ready to challenge yourself, and you should. It’s only when you expect the best out of yourself that you have a chance to make yourself proud.

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Im wise because Ive been foolish.