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Sagittarius Horoscope Tuesday May 12, 2020

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius HoroscopeBe disciplined about all areas of your body, Sagittarius. Take extra care to eat healthful, balanced meals. Make sure you get enough sleep. And even though you gripe about having no time, get out there and exercise within the limits of personal safety. Don’t wait for an emergency before you take action. You and you alone control how you feel. Your health is essential to your well-being, not to mention your life!Mercury, the planet of communication, enters its home sign of Gemini, where it remains until May 28, and the energy is shifting. What you know is no longer as important as who you know, thanks to Saturn’s apparent backward motion in your 3rd House of Information. Instead of relying on your sharp intellect to find work, rely on your social network for job leads today. You could get a few temporary assignments through friends, neighbors, and relatives. In the past, you might have turned up your nose at such offers. Now you realize that you can’t take gigs for granted. Fortunately, you might have lots of people who are eager to help you find new sources of income. Whatever you do today, you’ll be able to put your special mark on things. All you have to do is speak your mind in your usual clever way. Don’t be intimidated by anyone. This is a great time for you, because you’re full of unique ideas. Your fierce charm could bring a marble statue to life! The role of entertainer is growing more and more comfortable to you, and you should explore ways to spend a little more time in the spotlight. People want more of you.

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Love is too young to know what conscience is. William Shakespeare