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Aries Horoscope Tuesday May 12, 2020

Aries Horoscope

Aries HoroscopeIt’s a day of challenges, Aries. You’re a pro at questioning yourself, as you’ll prove today when you take a hard look at your accomplishments. In the last ten years, what have you created that’s truly yours? Have you followed someone else’s example because you doubted yourself? Have you been eternally “almost” ready? Have you dared to jump into projects that were still imperfect? These questions need to be addressed.Mercury, the planet of communication, enters its home sign of Gemini, where it remains until May 28, and the energy is shifting. Saturn begins its retrograde through your 11th House of Idealism today. You may reconsider volunteering your time, energy, or money for every cause that comes along. There’s nothing wrong with devoting more time to self-care, especially since it’s much easier to be generous when you feel content. If a friend has been depending on you for financial support, it may be time to cut the cord. The best thing you can do for them is to show faith in their ability to become self-sufficient. Having fewer responsibilities will allow you to pour more energy into other things. It’s never too late to start on a different path in life. If there’s something that interests you—a new hobby, career, or goal weight—you should pursue it. Don’t let your age, income, or current status in life restrict you. Every day offers a new opportunity and a new set of choices to make, and this day is no different. If you want to make a change, make it. Stop working so hard to come up with excuses. You know you can do it!

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