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Virgo Horoscope Sunday May 10, 2020

Virgo Horoscope

Virgo HoroscopeWho would have guessed that you have an ability to understand subjects as irrational as human passions? You’re getting down and dirty with the sticky, trivial realities of day-to-day life that never interested you before. Social distancing piques your curiosity. Your new nonstick coating would make you an excellent personnel director, hiring and firing at the drop of a hat. Has that thought ever occurred to you?Mercury, the planet of communication, makes an easy trine to Pluto in Capricorn this morning, unearthing important information. Lavishing a child in your life with attention can bring you closer together. Don’t worry about spoiling them; this might be exactly what they need in times like these. Nurture their creative impulses and hobbies, even if you don’t share them. Listen when they talk about their favorite shows, video games, or sports today. When you treat their ideas seriously, your young friend’s confidence will soar. If you don’t know any children, think about returning to an activity you loved when you were growing up. Don't let a naysayer influence your choices. If you love something, embrace it fully. Be extra critical of any unsolicited messages you receive today, especially if they relate to business. The sender could be concealing a few details that they don’t want you to know about—important details that could negatively affect you. Probe a little deeper, ask a few more questions, and you may learn the real story.

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