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Leo Horoscope Friday May 8, 2020

Leo Horoscope

Leo HoroscopeLove and romance should be going well for you now, Leo. However, today you could find that things get a bit uneasy when either you or your partner suspects something isn’t true or is suspicious about the situation at hand. Someone may get caught in a difficult predicament when the veil of deception is suddenly lifted and the truth revealed. There could be some difficult explaining to do.A potent Scorpio full moon opposes the sun in Taurus this morning, marking the end of a cycle that began with the Taurus new moon two weeks ago. Doing work for the public good could have tremendous appeal for you. You might not get paid anything for this service, but your status will get a boost because of it. Take this opportunity to give a pep talk to an elderly relative, foster a shelter animal, or share groceries with a neighbor today. Your naturally generous spirit will be especially appreciated. If you’ve been worried about the future, take some deep breaths and look back on your life. You will prevail over the current circumstances and come away with profound wisdom. Nothing happens by accident. Not everyone is as intuitive as you, so today you may take the predictions of one of your friends with a grain of salt. They may be so positive of their guesstimate that they’re willing to bet money on it, but you know better. If this friend is thinking of gambling on this idea, do your best to help them see things more conservatively. Otherwise, let them learn the fallacy of their hunch on their own. It will teach them an important lesson.

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Where fear is, happiness is not. Seneca