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Scorpio Horoscope Thursday May 7, 2020

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio HoroscopeYou’re now in a terrific position to make a significant move in your life, Scorpio. With a great deal of physical energy coupled with incredibly high self-esteem, you have what it takes to make a major push toward larger goals. Opportunities are coming at you from all angles, and the energy at hand is fast and furious. Your strong, courageous nature is ripe for hopping aboard when that train comes zooming by.Today, the moon is moving through Scorpio, moving to the full moon tomorrow and bringing powerful emotions to the surface. The hypersensitive Moon will oppose rebellious Uranus today, making it impossible to see eye to eye with someone you're close to. In fact, both of you may be more prone to making mountains out of molehills. You may be tired of catering to their whims, while they feel like they're caught in your tenacious grip. Instead of pulling a power play, it might be best to agree to disagree. Busy yourself with a personal project that gives you joy. Not only will it help your mood, it will help you avoid a fight. You could be in possession of some information that should be shared with someone else. They think you’re keeping this secret and keeping them out of the loop on purpose, which is definitely not the case. Speak out about whatever you’re working on, and give as much detail as you can to everyone you talk to. By showing that you’re being open, you will go a long way toward easing the minds of some worried folks.

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