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Pisces Horoscope Thursday May 7, 2020

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces HoroscopeYour physical strength is topnotch, Pisces. Now is a terrific time to either start a home work out routine or take a pre-existing one to the next level. Others will respect your leadership abilities. Your glow as a self-confident, constructive being is radiating positive energy. This combination of forces is extremely powerful. You have the opportunity to be wonderfully productive at this time. Work and play are likely to present you with exciting opportunities for advancement.Today, the moon is moving through Scorpio, moving to the full moon tomorrow and bringing powerful emotions to the surface. Shocking news could reach your ears today, making you re-evaluate your plans. As a result, it may be necessary to postpone an expansive pursuit you had been looking forward to. Although this turn of events is upsetting, it could be a blessing in disguise. You have an opportunity to fill in the gaps to your knowledge on your own. Taking an online class will put you in a much better position to master something that you've been wanting to learn. By becoming better prepared for this adventure, you’ll make good use of your time. Today, the act of selflessly helping others can help you get rid of any guilty feelings you may have about your good fortune. You shouldn’t feel the need to justify your life, but you should definitely remind yourself how lucky you are. Put your needs after the needs of others today, and you’ll feel better about your place in the world. You’ll help create more balance in the universe and give yourself something else to be proud of.

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Faith is the quiet cousin of courage. Judith Hanson Lasater