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Pisces Horoscope Wednesday May 6, 2020

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces HoroscopeAn increased focus, clarity of mind, and a sense of concentration could lead to success in career matters and increased income, Pisces. Intuition can provide practical guidance to help you advance. A friend might give you some good advice concerning savings plans, investments, or more efficient uses of resources. This could be a fruitful day that opens new doors for you. Make the most of it!Today is a mixed bag as the moon moves through Libra and makes easy aspects to Venus and Mars and tense aspects to Pluto and Jupiter. You’re ready to make good use of your financial and emotional resources now. Whether this means making a small investment to create long-term economic security or telling someone special how you feel about them, it’s important to be guided by your heart today. While it’s true you could experience loss, that’s better than always wondering what would have happened if you had been brave enough to take a risk. Friends may fear that you are putting yourself in danger. Thank them for their concern and keep doing whatever it is you want to do. The world isn’t aware of all of the skills you posses, so why not give them a sneak preview today? You can use your hidden talents to entertain, persuade, and negotiate—whatever you need to accomplish. Too often you play it safe and go by the rules, but that could be a bit shortsighted today. Think big and have confidence in what you can do. Just because you aren’t an expert in something doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at it.

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