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Aries Horoscope Wednesday May 6, 2020

Aries Horoscope

Aries HoroscopeInvitations to attend social events, perhaps business-related, could bring surprising results, Aries. You might meet more than one person who shares some of your interests, and these people could become friends. Expect some interesting practical and philosophical discussions. An opportunity to travel abroad or to a distant state might open up for you. This could prove to be a most exciting and stimulating day. Make the most of it!Today is a mixed bag as the moon moves through Libra and makes easy aspects to Venus and Mars and tense aspects to Pluto and Jupiter. Two heads are better than one, but this can be difficult in a time of social distancing. Regardless, you can connect virtually with someone who balances your personality. Call someone today whose view of life seems silly at times. After exchanging a few playful remarks, you’ll take things a little less seriously. Problems that once made you see red could make you laugh now. Best of all, you’ll be kinder toward yourself. If you've been feeling down about your professional situation, give yourself a break. Someone with your drive and initiative will always bounce back. If you’re looking for a new dose of romance in your life, playing hard to get isn’t advisable right now. You have nothing to lose by advertising your urge to get to know someone better, so put some effort into getting the word out today. Let people know that you’re looking. It could plant just the right idea in someone’s head. If romance isn’t on your list right now, use your communication skills to make sure a friend understands how your relationship has changed.

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